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‘Optimizing physical therapy in Miami Beach to your fullest physical potential throughout the lifespan’


We’ll give you all the knowledge and support you need to properly assist you in optimizing your physical potential and your lifestyle inside and outside your home. Call us old-fashioned but we believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we go out of our way to keep things simple. We will get to the root cause of your physical challenges and go beyond the symptoms providing the best possible Physical Therapy Service.  We don’t want you to spend your life on a treatment table.  We want you out enjoying your life and physical activities.


‘Helping people achieve their greatest physical potential’


Physioworks promises not to waste your time.  It is our pledge that you will be showing clear signs of getting and feeling better within one week!  We work alongside the best healthcare professionals throughout South Florida and beyond to ensure that no elements of your health care needs are missed. To have the best outcome in your well-being and ‘maximize your physical potential’ you need a structured, individualized therapy with a full analysis of maintenance of independence, dignity and quality of life so that you can continue to live in your own home and have a fun and mobile life!

Physioworks has a very unique perspective on the delivery of Physical Therapy  It’s not like being in a hospital or a patient in a busy clinic – you are in the most private setting available with individualized care.  At Physioworks you are a client – not a patient.

Physioworks offers a physical therapy concierge.  Our services are client focused with an extensive team of prominent medical professionals that work in close collaboration to maximize your health and ‘well-being’.  Whether you are an Olympic / Professional Athlete, Weekend Warrior, or any athlete that wants to maximize their performance in their sports.


Physical Therapy in Miami Beach & Palm Beach Gardens


We do what we know is right for you!


Physioworks : We don’t treat, we cure!


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